A day in the life of an 明升体育 boarder

Listen to new student Robyn, 下面, talk about how she found settling in at 明升体育 as a boarder after leaving her day school in Ireland to join our sixth form: "I would recommend it to anyone,”她说.

三名学生介绍了他们作为寄宿生的生活,总结了典型的一天, 下面, while others tell us about boarding life at 明升体育 from an international perspective - you can also watch Year 9 student 依奇's video, answering all those questions new boarders always ask

"Deciding to board is the best decision I've ever made and something I would recommend to everyone"

"登机 allows you to work according to a routine, which is great for keeping organised with school life. We are woken up firstly by a bell, followed by a member of staff, 早上8点必须穿着校服到楼下吃早餐. There is a wide range of food available for us, ranging from 烤面包 and 麦片 to a full English breakfast, and we choose what we prefer. 早餐后,明升体育继续准备上学,然后开始上学的一天.

在学校的一天结束时,明升体育回到寄宿公寓登记. There are usually freshly baked snacks for us, and drinks. From 4pm-6pm we are free to do what we like. 明升体育通常会选择躺在沙发上看电视或看电影, 但 sometimes we 进入城镇 for a coffee or to shop and in summer we can sit and talk on the field. Tea is at 6pm and lasts for half an hour. 明升体育一起吃饭,每天晚上有两种选择.

After tea is our time to do prep. First-third form students are supervised in the prep room during this time 但 the rest of us work in our dorms. At 8pm the younger girls participate in a daily activity, 但 normally the older ones have to work for a bit longer. 明升体育都有不同的睡觉时间,这取决于明升体育的年龄,这往往很有效.

登机 gives confidence and independence, 房子里有一种奇妙的归属感和归属感. 对我来说, 决定登机是我做过的最好的决定, and is something that I would recommend to everyone." (QUOTE FROM A FEMALE BOARDING STUDENT)

"登机 is easy, welcoming and great fun" 

“在寄宿公寓里,每天明升体育都有成千上万的活动和游戏可以玩, like after school clubs, playing outside with friends, 会议的朋友, Xbox游戏, watching TV… the list is literally endless. All of these games and activities are extremely enjoyable and we never get sick or tired of them. 

登机 is easy, welcoming and great fun! You’re 2 seconds away from school, so there is no stress. When we get up at 7:30am we mostly get showers and when the breakfast bell goes at 7:55 we go downstairs and get breakfast. 食物很好吃,因为明升体育有很多食物可以选择, 麦片, 烤面包, 做早餐, 酸奶和更多. 

Then we get back into the boarding house to register at 3.晚上55点,当明升体育吃点心的时候,从精致的糕点到美味的面包卷,真是太棒了. Next part of boarding is 4pm-6pm. This period of time is called ‘free time’. We can do anything we want in this time, 在外面玩的运动, 进入城镇, meet friends and the games room. 

The bell for tea goes at 5:55pm. We finish at 6:30pm and after tea the juniors (first-third form) go straight to prep to do their homework, prep finishes at 8:00pm. 在准备之后,明升体育有一个1小时的活动,周一明升体育和女孩们一起, 

Tuesdays is a social night with the girls, 星期三明升体育做躲避球或足球和许多其他运动, on Thursday we have water polo. 活动结束后,明升体育都放松下来,然后准备睡觉, we have supper straight after the activity. 

This is just ONE week of boarding at 明升体育app下载. 在明升体育app下载寄宿很棒,很受欢迎,很舒适."  (QUOTE FROM A MALE BOARDING STUDENT)

"We can 进入城镇 and meet up with friends"

"Each day starts with a bell at 7:30 followed by a house parent knocking on your door to ensure that you are awake. 在7点的第二声铃响之前,明升体育有25分钟的准备时间.55am informs us that it’s time to go for breakfast. The whole boarding house then goes to the dining room where a selection of 做早餐 and 麦片s has been prepared. 

In the sixth form you are allowed to go back to your room as soon as you finish your breakfast, which gives plenty of time to get to form for 8:45. 

After school at 4pm we go to the dining hall for a tasty snack baked that day and to register with the house parent on duty. From 4pm-6pm we have free time to use as we wish that provides an excellent opportunity to 进入城镇 and meet up with friends. Dinner is at 6 with a bell at 5 to so we don’t miss it. There is a rota for meals with suggestions from us playing a large role in what meals we are given. 

At 6.30pm we have prep with the option to work in our rooms or in the school library if we require books for research or wish to speak with the duty staff about our homework. 

From 8pm onwards we have free time, which we can spend around the house in the games or TV room we share with the juniors or in the sixth form common room. At 11 we return to our rooms with lights out at 11.30pm." (QUOTE FROM A MALE BOARDING STUDENT)


8am -一个典型的一天 starts with breakfast. Other than sixth formers, pupils do not return to the boarding house during the day, 确保学校和“家”是分开的,就像他们是走读生一样.

8.50am –Registration in the main school with form groups followed by lesson timetable including morning break and lunch spent with day pupils in the main school buildings.

3.下午55点——课程结束后,寄宿生在他们的公寓登记. They can choose from the snack counter, 然后就有时间在寄宿生休息室看电视或玩电脑游戏了, 去跑步或者参加学校的运动俱乐部. There are telephones in the houses for boarders to keep in contact with their family and friends. 寄宿生还可以使用他们的个人手机和电子邮件地址.

下午6点——下午茶,两所学校的寄宿生聚在一起在主学校吃一顿饭. Menus are well planned in conjunction with pupils, 有很多选择,包括素食. Pupils help with cleaning up after tea on a rota basis.


8pm –Pupils are able to join in any of the numerous activities organised by the house parents such as ice skating, 打保龄球, 剧院, cinema and other trips out. Boarders also have exclusive use of the school swimming pool one night a week and can use the gym and other sports facilities.

看到明升体育的 登机 Activities page 的更多信息.

明升体育app下载欢迎来自世界各地的学生, 包括尼泊尔, 迪拜, 尼日利亚, 西班牙和卡塔尔. Five sixth formers explain why they chose to board in rural North Yorkshire and how they have benefited from life at 明升体育

渺小的生活, ancient cathedral city of Ripon, in rural North Yorkshire, might initially appear something of a culture shock for those students who have previously been educated or lived abroad, especially those who arrive here from large cities.

但, 没有例外, 明升体育五个受访者, who have all experienced schooling in foreign countries, 发现里彭是一个生活和教育的好地方吗.

费利西亚 Amao,出生于尼日利亚拉各斯州,和Wonu Logun-Leko, 在尼日利亚上过中学的人说他们喜欢这个地方.

Close to the World Heritage site of Fountains Abbey, the school is in a great position, 他们指出, 从市场广场步行只需十分钟,靠近乡村和河流, with routes which are good to run on.

作为定期寄宿生,他们特别喜欢每两周出去旅行一次. In recent months they’ve gone trampolining, 购物在利兹, out to restaurants and explored Yorkshire by foot. “And the direct bus service from Ripon to Leeds is great for shopping and eating out,” adds 费利西亚.

布丽安娜戴尔, whose family live in Qatar, wasn’t used to living in the countryside when she arrived here in 2015: “但 I have learned to appreciate it,”她说. “我特别喜欢在周围的树林里跑步和骑自行车去鹿园.”

出生在尼泊尔的Dipraj Jimee补充道:“你需要的一切都在附近. 如果你喜欢运动的话,我的大多数朋友都在步行的距离之外, the gym and local sports clubs are also very close.

“Yorkshire is a beautiful county and living near the countryside makes a refreshing change from the hecticness of living in a city.”

Ishwar Koppu, whose family lives in 迪拜, 他说:“我喜欢旅行的便捷,从一个地方到另一个地方.”

这些寄宿生大多在网上发现了明升体育app下载, with some prompted by personal recommendations - 但 what was it that made them choose 明升体育 from all the schools on offer?

费利西亚, who moved to the UK when she started secondary school and whose family are now based in London, 是在找一所六年级的语法学校吗. 她也想上寄宿学校,以便培养自己的独立性.

“我想要一个能让我走出舒适区的学校环境, both socially and academically,”她解释道.

这位18岁的, who plans to study engineering at university, 在网上浏览了几所学校:“我发现明升体育app下载是最好的选择.”

Ishwar, who previously attended a private school in 迪拜, says he and his family also turned to Google: “I wanted to be able to have fun and learn, a chance to play football, an environment which would make me want to work, 但 which would also give me a balanced lifestyle.

“We looked for strong academic boarding schools around the UK and Ripon Grammar was the best in the North,”他说.

对于Dipraj, who wanted the stability of boarding school life combined with excellent teaching and exam results and a wide range of extra-curricular activities, 明升体育 was initially recommended by family friends.

When the aspiring engineer did his own research online, 这是显而易见的选择:“它在结果方面排名相当靠前,”他说.

Wonu, who plans to study medicine, 和布丽安娜, 谁申请在大学学习历史和政治, 你也想找一所声誉良好的寄宿学校吗, 所以明升体育很高兴通过口碑来了解明升体育.

在许多方面, 选择在明升体育app下载寄宿需要很大的信心, 但, 在事后看来, they are all confident they made the right decision.

The students all say they have developed close, lifelong friendships as boarders at 明升体育, with both peers and teachers providing the sort of motivational and supportive social and academic environment to help set them up for life.

费利西亚 and Wonu say the tight, welcoming boarding community at 明升体育 made settling in easy, 与他们今年的女孩寄宿生特别亲密和支持.

Ishwar, who wants to work in marketing after university, says the boys in boarding are like one big family: “Everyone here is so kind and helpful. I love boarding, it’s very entertaining being part of it. 我不想去任何其他学校,因为我在明升体育有我需要的一切.”

Dipraj对此表示赞同:“我交了一些兄弟般的朋友,我不会忘记他们. 此外,与老师的关系,特别是在寄宿学校,建立相互尊重. You have 24/7 support from those around you.”

热心的橄榄球运动员, he particularly appreciates having access to the excellent sports activities on his doorstep: “I discovered rugby here. Before joining 明升体育 I hadn’t known of the sport. 我加入明升体育的时候就参与其中了,剩下的都是历史了."

他也喜欢这里的食物:“在英国,食物并不局限于一个国家. 厨房工作人员提供很多不同的菜系,包括中国菜、英国菜和印度菜. It’s nice to have so much variety.”

对布丽安娜, living in a supportive, close-knit community is important, while the academic and social environment 明升体育 boarders enjoy has proved to be a huge benefit.

“我爱登机, it has been the highlight of my school life, 为我提供了不可思议的友谊和社区意识. It’s what I will miss the most when I leave. Being a termly boarder has also allowed me to develop my independence and prepared me for university, 而学校却驱使我去取得我需要的成绩.”

While 明升体育 hasn’t proved to be as culturally diverse as previous schools 费利西亚 and Wonu have attended, 两者都与各种各样的学生有着亲密的友谊. Although the 尼日利亚n community here is small, Wonu指出:“明升体育有着牢固的关系,彼此支持.” 费利西亚 has even discovered that two third cousins who also attend the school and both have enjoyed home-cooked 尼日利亚n food, made by the parent of a fellow-pupil.

成为明升体育app下载社区的一员是一段很有启发性的经历, Wonu说:“这所学校给了我一种不同的接触世界的方式, has encouraged me to develop tolerance and I now believe I’m more able to interact with a wider range of people.”

费利西亚 sums up her experience: “明升体育app下载 has really helped me grow emotionally and academically, and I believe it’s prepared me well for the outside world. I’ve grown a lot whilst I’ve been here. It’s different, 但 we learn new things every day.”

社区精神:上图(从左至右)是女孩们住的公寓Ishwar, Dipraj, 费利西亚, 布丽安娜和Wonu

From food to after school activities, 依奇, from rural North Yorkshire, 回答关于新生总是想知道的重要问题: